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Motor Vehicle Accident

Pain and stiffness associated with car accidents doesn't always occur right away. Early Massage Therapy and Bodywork can prevent future pain and problems. Massage Therapy can help reduce inflammation and swelling, increase range of motion and speed up recovery. 

If you have been in a motor vehicle accident, your Massage Therapy treatment can be covered 100%.

Minnesota has a No-Fault law as part of the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) portion of your car insurance policy.  This will cover Massage Therapy and Bodywork treatments you need following a car accident – regardless who was at fault for the accident.

You can obtain a prescription/referral for massage therapy from your Chiropractic doctor, Emergency room doctor, or Primary care provider. Bring your massage therapy prescription/referral with you to your first session along with the following: 

Your motor vehicle insurance card

Name and phone number of the insurance agent or adjuster that opened your PIP claim 

Policy number

Claim number

We will take care of required paperwork for billing purposes to your insurance company. 

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